Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The value of an honest review!

"Reviews are like belly buttons, everyone's got one."
 Why are they so valuable and how can we capitalize on them?

 Reviews are BIG DATA, The more reviews, the more data.
 Reviews are trusted, even by strangers.
 Reviews are proof and claims can be authenticated,
 Reviews are builders of integrity and truth.
 Reviews are builders of business and sales, and of commerce.
 Reviews motivate innovation and progress.

 Reviews aren't opinions, they are the test of a product in a real world environment.
 Reviews are R and D.
 Research and development.
 Reviews and data.
 Where is the value?
 In all of the above.
 Its easy to see that the review has been around and will continue to serve the populace and the producer  with valuable information on acceptance or rejection. Many truthful reviews can sustain a general consensus  and establish a basis for a buying decision or evaluation.
 Our vision at SONGVEY is to tap into our database of real SONGVEYORS and give you the realtime  Music Intelligence  you need to make your marketing efforts pay off. Call on us to see how we can help. Thanks, and be happy forever!

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