Tuesday, January 27, 2015

SongVey launches with big promise and little effort.

Maybe it's because of the ambient ecosystem here at the Nashville Entrepreneur Center, or, maybe its the overdue and underrated value of opinion by the consumer that Songvey was born. Yeah, so what is Songvey, and what will it change.
Songvey defined is the real fan fueled, unbiased critical review by the consumer who chooses to take the time to rate new and upcoming music to determine the value proposition of works of art.
Where we differ from other survey services is that our reviewers actively search out the artist being reviewed on our site, listen to a composition completely and offer Common, Constructive Critique in exchange for reward and compensation. More on that later.
Despite the conventional methods presently used to sample market adoption in the entertainment landscape, the respondents opinions are easily edited or dismissed by well intentional Marketing firms that speak for us all.
We interrupt this blog to announce Google Fiber is coming to Nashville. News at 5:00. Yeah, go Nashville!!
We now return to your regular Blog
Wow! How do followup on that news?
As I was saying before the interruption......
I feel like all people are worth something. Let's thank them for their service.  Take the songvey and earn your music!
That means you ,too! Thanks for reading.Lets Talk

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